Thursday, February 11, 2016


Although the title of this blog is "Cheaper than Therapy" I want to put it out there that I by no means think ill of psychologists and therapists. It's just that in my experience with therapy, I spend the hour explaining things and I feel better without even needing their feedback. I either just need to vent, or work things out somewhere outside my own head.
I don't feel right paying for something every week that I don't really get anything unique from. It gets expensive!

The other problem I had with therapy, is I didn't always need to talk when my scheduled appointment came up. I tend to compartmentalize things that are bothering me, and if I don't solve it within a certain time frame, it goes on the back burner until something or someone drags it out (usually my Hubs). Trust me when I say that getting these thoughts out as soon as I can is better.

I do have a psychiatrist that I check in with periodically to make sure my meds are working the way they should. For now, I feel that this is enough professional help for me.

You might also notice the web address for this blog has nothing to do with "cheaper than therapy". Isabella Stardust is my name for Roller Derby (more on this later). I used this name for the web address so that my blog can change and grow as I need it to, while still being mine, and I'm not trapped into a specific topic.

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